Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude

Tomorrow is the big day! I’m posting this from the most luxurious of homes (courtesy of my amazingly generous in-laws’ -in-laws)! I feel like a broken record, always writing about how blessed I feel. BUT I DO, I DO, feel so incredibly blessed!! (I also know first hand how good-for-the-soul gratitude is, so better to be a broken record about that than just about anything else!)
I just now looked at all the new donations and comments on the YouCaring site (new since the last time I listed and thanked everyone who has contributed). Below are the names and comments from everyone who has donated since. Wow. I feel like I could run TWENTY MILES with all of you amazing people cheering me on! And WOW, we, all of us together, have raised over SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for two cancer organizations close to my heart! What a difference that will make in the lives of so many people. I feel so honored that I get to be the one to send a $3500 check to the Cancer Connection and MET UP! I know everyone who works so hard at those organizations to help so many people will be floored by their own gratitude when they receive the donation. Both organizations know about the run/fundraiser, but I told them to expect about a $1000 each, as never in my wildest dreams did I expect to raise so much. So, once again (and there will be more soon, I’m sure): Thank you.
Renee & Chris Greenfield
Harvey Bender
Shanna Schwartz: I am so impressed with your spirit and drive for life – thank you for sharing it with us all!
Taije Silverman: You’ve been a model for me since we were 18. Really. And you still are. More so. Thank you.
Richard and Janice Canalori
Lauren Lawrence-Riddell: Michael and I are rooting for you on your run and always. Sending huge hugs!
Mo Quinlan: Good luck in your run my fellow survivor!
Michelle Melamed
Megan Lardner: LOVE YOU, Jenny Bender! Simply awe-inspiring, life-affirming and love-giving. Sending tons of support and high-fives and bow-downs for your stamina, strength and joy! xoxo
Melissa Power-Greene: You are such a rockstar Jenny Bender! So happy to hear that you are out running again!! Sending our love and cheering you on! Xx
Clover Lewis: Yahoo Jenny! Love you!
Pam Roberts: I am happy to support these worthy organizations in your honor. I appreciate your good energy, your thoughtfulness and your gorgeous writing. Good luck with the run!
Brooksley Williams
Lucy Calkins: So proud of you and so grateful for the story of all your supporters.
Ang + Thom Long: You’re da bomb, girl! Have a great run! xoxo 💣💖
Phylis Greenfield: Go girl!
Benjamin Gantcher
Carol Levow: Jenny you are an inspiration and joy to hear about through your Mama! My warmest regards to you and your amazing family. Much Love and blessings
Lise and Eric Sanders
Louisa Wimberger: What a beautiful event!
Nunia & Josh Mafi Silver: So much love for you, dear Jenny. We’re honored to be running next to you on this journey. xo
Lily White: Good luck Jenny! You’re inspiring, wish I could be there for the run.
Maggie Bittel Barry Daggett: Our dear JB! What an amazing inspiration you are in so, so many ways. You’re showing us all just how it’s done! So much love, M&B
Elisabeth Armstrong
Audra Robb: Go, Jenny!
Cory Gillette Rinzler: Xoxox
Janet Bennett: Dear Jenny, We are in awe of your spirit and perseverance. Such an inspiration. And, yes, what a wonderful crew backing you up. You are a powerful bunch. Much love from Janet, Mark and Adia
Brian Oestreich: Bend & mend away!!! We love you !!! Xox briguy & fam
Elanit Weisbaum: Love you!
Vijay Prashad: Run Jenny Run!
Christine Harris: It is so wonderful to see you so much more than mended. This experience has enlarged your being and spirit in so many beautiful ways. We are thrilled to be able to both witness and support you as you blossom anew. Lots of love. Christine, Bob & Yulu
Katherine Bomer: Your spirit , gratitude and generosity light the world, dear Jenny. I hope a crowd will fill the streets to cheer you on, and I am there in spirit.
Kathie Bredin: Keep doing good. Lots of love to you!!
Mike & Jack Mechem: You will be in our thoughts as you always are. Run well.
Carina Wohl
Julia Mooney: I’m in awe of you, Jenny–now, as always! You go, Girl!
Michael Aleo
Julie Starr: You go Jenny!!! xoxo J
Sai Seigel: Dearest Jenny- You are amazing and inspiring! xoxo
Deborah Keisch: Sorry for taking so long to do this! Been with you in spirit the whole way…and will definitely be cheering you on from afar! You are truly an inspiration.
Kristin McCue: I can’t wait to hear all about it! May the winds be at your back! With love.
Betsy Young: Lovin’ you Jenny, every step of the way. Thank you for being the inspiration that you are. xo
Joe Mechem: It is loves’s spring and these showers bring it on. Be cheerful. WS
Malcolm Harper
Connie McGuire: Go Jenny! I wish I could join you for the run! One of these days soon we will go for a jog together. Love love love, Con
Mariejeanne Stirlin
Kimberly Quinlan
Elizabeth Haymaker: Go Jenny!
Nicole Bourdon: Go, Jenny, Go!
Connie Clark: Go Jenny. You are an inspiration!!
Julie Harris-Scherzer: From one survivor to another, keep up the fight. You’re a star!
Stephanie Joyce: I have long been dazzled by your brilliance as a mom, mentor, writer, and friend but never more than by your indomitable spirit to let this journey change you for the better. May the sun shine brightly on each swift step…go with the wind. I’ll be cheering you from afar. Soar!
Mary Bates: A worthy cause all around! You go, girl!!
Hannah Sessions: Great idea, and wonderful that you are culminating your cancer experience with such strength and comradery! I was diagnosed at age 35– four years ago now– and also kept running throughout it all! So important. Congratulations and way to go, cheering you on from VT! -Hannah- a long-ago friend of Nunia’s!
Tom & Mary Beth O’Connor
Tonja and Tricia Santos Loomis: You go girls!
Abby Lattes
Sandra & Eric Lucentini: Hi Jenny, We haven’t seen you in some time, but we just saw your story in the paper. So very sorry to hear what you’ve gone through, but happy to cheer you on in your recovery. All our best to you and your family, Sandra, Eric & Thaddeus Lucentini
Noel & Mike Raley Dunkerley: YES Jenny! You and all you awesome women are amazing!
Megan Murphy Wolf
monsterthankyouAnd the donations keep coming, post-run! Here are a few more….
Marsha Archuleta
Marilyn London -Ewing: Sounds like the run was a success. Bravo to all of you.
Kat Allen: Awesome Jenny! I hope it was fabulous! You’re a super-star!
Liz Charland-Tait

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