I’ve copied and pasted from the YouCaring site the names of and comments from everyone who has donated so far. I will continue to add to this post as more people contribute and comment. How I LOVE reading your words of encouragement! Thank you for your generous wallets as well as your generous spirits. You all rock my world and my heart! 

Catherine Fenollosa: Go Jenny! We’ll be cheering you on and sending you lots of loving vibes. xoxo
Aimee Feeley: Jenny — you are amazing and an inspiration to all! Keep on running!!! Love you tons. xoxo Aimee, John, Ryan and Alyson
Alison Kellner: We’re rooting for you! XoXo, Alison
Emily Baillargeon
Jan Elvee: Awesome!
Marie Burk: It’s amazing how far you have recovered! Great attitude!!! Send LOL to the family and to U! xo, Aunt Rie
Beth Harris: You are a true inspiration!
Marjorie Harris: Love you Jenny! Hope it’s a great day for a run on the Rock
Annie Borgenicht: You are the best. So special that you are doing this on Nantucket. Keep shining your bright light. Love you, Borgy.
Eric Payne: Go Girl!!
Frank Egan: We love you Jen-nay! You’re strength and resolve are nothing short of inspiring, Enjoy your run and thank you for this fundraiser!
Dina Redman: Dearest Jenny, You never cease to amaze me! Wow – 8 to 10 miles – most impressive! Also impressive is your patient dedication to building up your energy and strength and to holding to that process over time. And what a spectacular idea to do this in service to some very worthy organizations! I wish you great pleasure with all! Much love, Dina
Sue TrupinJenny, you are such a star! love, Sue T
Suzanne Harris: You and your awesome posse are running miracles. I am cheering you on every step of the way. Love you more, Mama
Elizabeth Horn
Joe and Jean Westover: You are Wonder-Woman! We are so happy for you, and hope to learn details when the run is complete, Your stamina and determination are amazing.
Jeffrey Lindemann
Kara Kritis Harper: You are impressive and inspiring, and I wish you the best training and run ever. xo
Laurel Turk: Cancer Connection, Met Up, and Jenny Bender–all my favorites! Thanks for letting us share in this celebration.
Judy Olasov: Yay, Jenny!!!
Ezra Parzybok: Make it a bender, Jenny!
Anonymous: I met you at Clover’s bday, at the Mexican restaurant. You were so kind. Very sorry to hear about your illness, and so glad that you are doing well. All the best, Luisa
Josh Finkel
Jain Lattes
John Forsayeth: Good to see you recovering so well, Jenny. Best wishes from Joan and me.
Jen Berneche Stiles
Jenae Westover: You are such a source of constant inspiration to me Jenny Bender! I am grateful every day, moment, second for you in my life. xo
Elizabeth VanHouten: I, too, am a survivor, in remission as of a few months ago and also working at regaining strength. You are an inspiration, I want all of us to continue to thrive and keep this disease at bay. Good luck on your run!!
Steve and Patti Lewis
Karen Bryant: Good luck, and have fun, Jenny. Such a great way to celebrate your health while helping others!
Kim OConnell: Thank you Jenny, keep shining your light !!!
Gwen Agna: Long may you run, Jenny, and work for so many!!
Pam Plumer
Mike McCrary: Go, Go GO!
Terry Blanchard: Jenny, so happy to support you in this beautiful way!!
Audre Bley: Yes!
Mary Ellen Reed: Keep on running…Keep on running!
Jordana Amato: I’m donating $36 which is symbolic for “Two lives” …the number 18 stands for “life” in Hebrew, 36 represents “two lives”. Seems fitting for your run. Good luck! We’ll be cheering for you!
Anonymous: “Be who you really are, and go the whole way.” Lao Tzu
Caroline Fenollosa: Have a great run. We will be thinking of you on the 7th.
Kate Roberts: I’ve followed a bit of your writing, & so your journey, from afar. Thank you for sharing it with us – you have already helped so many people w your words.
Whitney Strehle: Best of luck to you!
Kathleen Tolan: You mean the world to me and I feel blessed to have you in my life. I continue to be inspired by your strength, resolve and journey through this difficult illness. Love you to the moon and back.
Anne Moses: So happy and proud to know you….Go girl
Matthew Taylor: Love you SO much, Jenny. You are an inspiration to all of us and a shining example of living life with integrity, gratitude and grace. Keep on Runnin’….. XOXOX
Ned Harris: We are so happy for you Jenny! Have a great run and we will be thinking of you! Love, Steph & Ned
Nancy & Mark Bender
Molly Keehn: What a beautiful way to celebrate your recovery!!! I love this idea! So glad you are back out there running again, and I am so delighted to get to support you and also the Cancer Connection. xoxo
Susan Jane Sarouhan: Jenny, we have been so inspired by how you have both met and shared your process on this journey. xoJ2K
Jesse Belcher-Timme
Keegan & Wilson Pyle: So happy to support a such an important organization in our community, in the name of such an amazing woman. We love you, Jenny. xoxo
Molly and Mosie Senn-McNally: We love you, Jenny! Run on!
Sean Kilfeather
Christian Tate: We love you and celebrate your journey Jenny!
Gravity Goldberg
Amanda Hartman: Love you Jenny!
Eliza and Amanda Herman Wilmerding: RUN girl Run! We are so very proud of you.
Lora Martinez
The Savages Savage
 Shawn Selby
Chapin Mechem: You go girl!! xo
Melanie Brown
Eric Dostal: You go jb, and wear your contacts for this one

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